The Sinking City: Capsule Odyssey – 西謊極落之太爆太子太空艙

Hong Kong, the 3rd biggest financial center in the world, is also a place with a distorted living environment (and values). A story about 4 ‘losers‘ living in the infamous ‘coffin‘ room has their own issues. Four sad stories with the sugar coating, entertaining the audience for 100 minutes. A cult movie nicely directed and plotted. You can just consume the sugar or savor the hidden bitterness.

Release Date: 07 September 2017
Language: Cantonese
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 100 minutes
Director: Nero Ng, Stephen Ng
Stars / Cast:

Stars Cast
Pak-ho Chau Chow Chi Hin
Andrew Man-Chung Lam Shing
Babyjohn Choi Fung
Shing-Ban Lam Ho Sui Cheung
Kai-Chung Cheung Ming
Ava Liu Lai
Shiga Lin Yip Wan Yi
Joyce Cheng Jenny

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